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The Migrating out of Poverty project has published a lot of publications. Below are the publications on Ethiopia. For more of the project's publications please visit MOOP PUBLICATIONS.


One-Page Research Briefs for the three research themes of the Migrating out of Poverty Research Project in Ethiopia

1) Migration Industry Project in Ethiopia

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2) Income and Remittances

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3) Gender and Generations

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 ethiopia_policy_brief_cover_small&quot Policy Brief
Rural-Urban Migration and Poverty in Ethiopia

This policy brief focuses on rural-urban migration in Ethiopia. Research shows that poverty and lack of opportunity are drivers of young people’s rural-urban migration. However, migration to the cities has not led to a flow of remittances from urban to rural areas. Non-economic factors are central to many young people’s migration and to why they regarded migration as positive despite the lack of short-term economic benefit. The policy brief argues that the government of Ethiopia and development partners must recognise and support the development potential of migration and integrate it into development planning. There are ways in which migration can be made to work for the poor and support development.
 migration_improve_living_small Working Paper
Does Migration Improve Living Standards of Migrant-Sending Households? Evidence from Rural Ethiopia
Yousra Abdelmoneim and Julie Litchfield

This paper aims to evaluate the impact of migration on household welfare, in particular the consumption expenditure in Ethiopia, using cross-sectional data collected from 1,200 rural households from four different regions in 2014. We estimate a counterfactual distribution of household consumption per capita, using a Heckman selection model to control and test for selection bias, to analyse to what extent households have gained from having a migrant. Our results suggest that on average, migration has a positive impact on the rural living standards but that gains are not distributed evenly across the consumption distribution. We find that poorer households in fact experience a decline in living standards by having a migrant...

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