COYOQA Planning meeting


planning meetingOSSREA launched a three years’ project on vertically integrated social accountability and meaningful youth engagement entitled ‘COVID-19 and the Youth Question in Africa: Piloting a Vertically Integrated Social Accountability and Advocacy Framework in the IGAD Region (COYOQA)’. The project funded by IDRC kicked off on Sept 01, 2020. COYOQA is being implemented in three countries in the IGAD region. CCRDA of Ethiopia, TISA of Kenya and UNGOF of Uganda are the implementing partners in the three countries. IGAD CEWARN is the regional policy making partner in the project. A project planning webinar was conducted on Oct 30, 2020 in the presence of representatives of the three countries. The purpose of the webinar was to introduce consortium members and participants to one another and enable the project team to have clear and common understanding about the project. Accordingly, Dr. Truphena Mukuna, PI of the project, introduced the team about the COYOQA project, its objectives and expected impact. While, Mr. Alemu Tesfaye, Communication and Knowledge manager of the project briefed the team about the three years’ project implementation plan and what is expected from each partner. Finally, a six months’ financial matters were presented by Mr. Belete Demissie, Finance and Administration manager at OSSREA. After the presentations by the teams at OSSREA, consortium representatives raised a number of questions, comments and feedbacks and the team responded accordingly and the meeting adjourned achieving its objective of having a common understanding and agreed implementation strategy.

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Stakeholder Mapping Workshop


Stakeholder mappingOSSREA held a virtual workshop on Nov 05, 2020 with the COYOQA consortium members to conduct stakeholder mapping in the three countries. Members from CCRDA of Ethiopia, TISA of Kenya and UNGOF of Uganda were present in the workshop. The aim of the workshop was to take the team through the process of stakeholder mapping and the various tools to be used in the process. Mr. Alemu Tesfaye of OSSREA introduced the purpose of the activity and took the team through the process. In his presentation Alemu talked about the three goals of the stakeholder mapping, the methodology to be utilised, the AIIM tool, the stakeholder analysis template, and finally the reporting template.

For more information, please Click here to read the presentation.

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