OSSREA conducts conferences and workshops in collaboration with its National Chapters and different institutions throughout the world. Some of the workshop and conference modalities used are:

Regional and International Thematic Conferences
OSSREA has been conducting, either independently or in collaboration with other institutions, 2-4 thematic conferences annually. These conferences focused on various topical issues relevant to the region and were often launched in addition to those organised under OSSREA’s ongoing research projects.

Discipline-Focused Workshops
These are regional workshops exploring the state of the art in the teaching of and research in the social sciences, with special reference to the Eastern and Southern African Region. These kind of workshops is expected to provided useful fora for identifying deficiencies in teaching and research, for suggesting ways of using research to improve the quality of teaching, and for exploring possibilities for collaboration among educational departments in the region.

National Workshops
Initially, OSSREA had been organizing the National Workshops in collaboration with institutions in member countries. After the formation of the National Chapters, however, each one began to select a topic that is timely and relevant for that country and organised a national workshop in which members of its constituency and other experts in the field can present papers and participated in the deliberations. This tradition has continued to-date although the timing of the workshops is irregular.
The main source of funding for the workshops is the OSSREA Secretariat. A summary of the papers presented and highlights of the discussions at the workshops have been compiled into a short report for most of the national workshops and published by the Secretariat.

OSSREA co-organises a High Level Policy Research Seminar on Achieving Inclusive Development in Africa: Policies, Processes and Political Settlements. The two-day seminar held in Addis Ababa on 13-14 May 2014 was co-hosted by three entities: the Developmental Regimes Africa Project led by the Overseas Development Institute with the University of Leiden; the Knowledge Platform on Development Policies sponsored by the Government of the Netherlands with a network of African policy research institutes; and the Knowledge Delivery pillar and Capacity Development Division of the UN Economic Commission for Africa and all three entities worked with OSSREA. The aim was to bring together and stimulate a forward-looking debate among representatives of Africa’s major policy knowledge networks, international agencies based in Africa, distinguished researchers and policy thinkers, and influential business leaders and government advisers in the region.

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OSSREA held its 11th Congress at the Desalegn Hotel from December 9th to 11th 2013 while the   conference was held on the 9th and 10th of December 2013 with the theme of OSSREA’s Response to Africa’s Challenges of Change.  The conference was opened by Dr Kaba Urgessa, the State Minister of Education for Ethiopia who talked about the challenges of education in the country.  The main objective of this conference was to bring together academicians, researchers and policy makers to discuss various topical issues that Africa is dealing with including – climate change, land deals, social protection, unemployment, HIV/AIDs, gender equality, public sector reform, higher education, water resource management, etc. At this conference budding scholars from Eastern and Southern Africa presented the outcomes of their research projects and the books that have been published by international and regional publishers on the issues have been launched to the wider community and OSSREA’s stakeholders.

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OSSREA in collaboration with the OECD and Sida organized an international expert meeting on the 19th and 20th, September, 2013 under the topic ‘Implementing research and innovation policy at policy and institutional level in Africa’. This expert meeting brought together 35 participants from Africa, Asia, and OECD countries to reflect on the changing higher education and research landscape and its implications on research and innovation policy, leadership and implementation in the context of Africa. The specific objectives of the meeting were to: identify professional, capacity and policy gaps to address effective research and innovation management at policy and institutional levels, and identify strategic options that can address the identified gaps. The two days conference discussed trends in research and innovation policy and implications for Africa; research funding instruments and modalities; leadership and management of research at institutional level; African Union initiatives; challenges and opportunities for African universities to increase knowledge production. The discussions of this meeting were guided by conceptual reports and case studies that have been commissioned as a part of the OECD/IHERD project.

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OSSREA Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020

The OSSREA 2016 - 2020 Strategic Plan is a blue print that guides the activities of the Secretariat and its National Chapters for the period 2016 to 2020. Download the PDF version and be informed about the planned intervention areas.

OSSREA Annual Reports

OSSREA publishes and freely disseminates the status of all its current activities regarding research, capacity development, publication, dissemination, financial and administration in an annual report form. The annual reports are avialable for download in PDF format.

OSSREA Catalogue

The OSSREA catalogue which is updated yearly contains short information about the publications of OSSREA. The PDF version of the catalogue is freely available for download. Download now the 2013 Catalogue to find out more about the publications of OSSREA.

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