OSSREA engages in commissioned research activities. Below are some of the recent consultancies OSSREA did for different clients.

OSSREA conducted a consultancy assignments with the African Union. This assignment involved to critically analyse the mid-term evaluation report of the Second Decade of Education for Africa, 2006-2015 and provide concrete and actionable strategic recommendation on what to be done to ensure the achievement of the goals of the plan of action on, before and post 2015. OSSREA, after recruiting experts in the field, had conducted analytical review of the report and provided adequate summary of the findings, additional information, the challenges, success stories, lessons to learned and strategic recommendation on seven areas of focus that were identified for the Second Decade of Education, namely Gender and Culture, Education management Information Systems, Teacher Development, Tertiary Education, Technical and Vocational Education and Training, including education in difficult situations, Curriculum and Teaching and Learning Materials, and Quality in all its Ramifications. Together with African Union and Save the Children, it has also organized and managed a continental conference to disseminate the findings of the evaluation study.  The assignment is completed and final version of the study is not submitted to African Union.

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OSSREA conducted contract research assignment with the African Capacity Building Fund (ACBF). This assignment involved the writing of a Digest on selected AU instruments on Regional Integration, Land, Water and Natural Resources Management; Human Resources Development Policies; and Infrastructure and Statistics. This assignment was sponsored by the African Capacity Building Foundation as part of its contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the African Union that was celebrated from the 19th to the 27th May 2013. The Digest has the objective of stimulating awareness about the pace of ratification of AU instruments and encouraging Member States to look at all the past and present instruments and see how far they have gone in the process of their ratification and implementation. The key message in the introduction is that the formulation of new policies by the African Union should go hand in hand with the implementation of already existing policies and commitments.

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Codes of Conduct for Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility for COMESA Member Countries

OSSREA developed the Codes of Conduct for Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility for COMESA Member Countries. The codes of conduct has three parts: the first part providing codes of conduct relating to the overall operations of corporations operating in COMESA member countries and the codes of conduct pertaining to the governance structure of corporations; the second part encompassing codes of conduct for corporate social responsibilities for COMESA member states or the obligations and responsibilities that corporations have to the societies within which they are operating; and the third part presenting the role of governments in facilitating the development and enforcement of the codes of conduct on corporate governance and social responsibility.

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OSSREA Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020

The OSSREA 2016 - 2020 Strategic Plan is a blue print that guides the activities of the Secretariat and its National Chapters for the period 2016 to 2020. Download the PDF version and be informed about the planned intervention areas.

OSSREA Annual Reports

OSSREA publishes and freely disseminates the status of all its current activities regarding research, capacity development, publication, dissemination, financial and administration in an annual report form. The annual reports are avialable for download in PDF format.

OSSREA Catalogue

The OSSREA catalogue which is updated yearly contains short information about the publications of OSSREA. The PDF version of the catalogue is freely available for download. Download now the 2013 Catalogue to find out more about the publications of OSSREA.

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